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Quienes somos

Quienes somos…

Antigua Rides es una empresa guatemalteca, localizada en Antigua Guatemala.  Nuestro objetivo es proveer un nuevo medio de entretenimiento para visitar lugares interesantes en vehículos emocionantes.

Tenemos tours guiados o si el cliente lo prefiere, puede pasear por su cuenta a los lugares de una manera divertida.

Es posible visitar la ciudad de Antigua, las aldeas y fincas aledañas, los puntos de interés, o simplemente conocer los puntos cercanos e ir de comprar por los alrededores de una manera cómoda.

Lo que dicen…

    Had one of the most amazing tours through the entire city of Antigua!! Visited absolutely espectacular churches, the market, the center of town and got to ride up into the mountains! Phenomenal guides, very safe and lots of fun!!! For those that love the outdoors, a little adventurous while feeling safe, this is the tour to take! Highly recommend it!

    Hugo E Almeida Jr. Avatar Hugo E Almeida Jr.

    I booked a trip Monday afternoon for Tuesday morning. I received confirmation and E Ticket. I went to designated rendezvous point but no one showed up! I tried calling but no one answered. A nice parking lot attendant saw me and asked what I was doing. I explained it to him and he called a lady. On his phone she told me no one is coming!!!! I was shocked. If it wasn’t for the nice man I would still be waiting. There are many tour companies in Antigua. Stay away from this one!

    Scott Ellman Avatar Scott Ellman

    this is a totally different way to see and enjoy Antigua.

    Rene Valencia-Arellano Avatar Rene Valencia-Arellano

    I had a great Vespa tour. My guide was very informative about the history of the small villages we visited. And it was fun riding a Vespa on our journey. I highly recommend.

    Dale Stearman Avatar Dale Stearman

    Una experiencia diferente, para salir de la rutina y divertirse de otra manera en Antigua! 💯

    Luisa Fernanda Molina Avatar Luisa Fernanda Molina

    Buenísimo asi se pueden empezar a cerrar calles para automóviles y que solo circulen los rentacar

    Juan Pablo Carrillo Avatar Juan Pablo Carrillo


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